Food for orphans and most deprived children

This valuable kind of help get more children in need, even if they are already supported by the same or a different sponsor with a school sponsorship. An annual donation of Kes 19,200 supports a child with food (also monthly payable).

Complete sponsorship

The best way to support a child is a complete sponsorship. It combines the sponsorship for school and food for the needy. The annual donation is kes 31,70 (kes 12,500 for sponsorship and kes 19,200 for food) also monthly payable.

Sponsorship for secondary school

The annual donation to send a child to a secondary school starts from Kes 54,000 (also monthly payable). Depending on the school the fees are extremely high. The children also get two school uniforms, school bag, school items, books, and basic equipment.

ASANTE - Aid for Children and Schools in Africa