Kalume Baya 72-14, needs your HELP “HELP US TO HELP PLEASE”

The boy was born without an exit. He was given an artificial exit after giving birth. Kalume suffered from this torment for 7 years. In August 2014, ASANTE made the necessary operation possible so that he can go to the toilet like any healthy child!

After 3 months of training the restored exit, the artificial exit in the abdominal area could not be sewn up because of an inflammation in the wound. Therefore, we took Kalume and his mother 3 months in our house in Kenya. A doctor came every day. He cared for and cleaned the wound until it was finally closed on February 17, 2015.

After a short recovery at ASANTE, he was finally allowed to go home to his family!

ASANTE SANE to the sponsors who made all this possible!

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