To enable a child to attend school at a primary school, an amount from € 125.00 per year must be paid. With this money we buy the school supplies necessary for school attendance, the school bag, a complete school uniform including shoes, socks, underwear, soap, and groceries. We were able to reduce the school fee in mid-2018 and now pay a small lump sum as a donation for our sponsored children to the legal guardians. We owe this to our cashier from ASANTE-KENYA, Mr. Nicholas, who was able to prevail despite fierce resistance from the schools. We also make sure that children are no longer sent home by schools or teachers or directors. That is no longer allowed!

The costs for the kindergarten, which ASANTE covers in full, remain high. There is no support from the state for this. ASANTE is currently looking after 463 (!) Children. However, these numbers will steadily increase over the next few weeks.

ATTENTION – NEW: Secondary schools are now available for almost all children who have completed the 8th grade Primary School. Children who did not finish 8th grade primary school with not so good grades can attend an easier form of secondary school – comparable to performance groups. We are convinced that this is a good thing. The lighter forms of secondary schools are somewhat cheaper and are usually run as day schools.

The various ways to assist a child with a school sponsorship

Sponsor a child for kindergarten and primary school

The annual donation to send a child to school is Kes 12,500. In addition to the school fees the child gets a school uniform, underwear, school bag, school items and a small present (Maize meal and beans).

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